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The Nicki’s Crochet Club is a great opportunity to join others with a passion like you for crocheting and crafts. Crochet Club costs just £3.50 per month or £42.00 per year to subscribe. See below for links:

Membership costs just £3.50 per month for Crochet Club with payment by monthly or annual subscription (£42.00) and you will receive:

  • IMG_0751A free and exclusive Nicki Trench pattern each month

  • Patterns have step by step instructions and charts and are sent as a pdf by e-mail
  • Special deals with top brand suppliers providing a discount on the yarn for some of the patterns and special ‘Club Yarn Packs’ with the amount of yarn needed for the projects, avoiding costs of buying whole balls of yarn.
  • The opportunity to join special workshops, exclusive to Club members, to work on techniques in that month’s pattern
  • Discount on Nicki Trench Crochet Workshops. These will be made available to Crochet Club members for a £10 discount on Nicki’s Workshops in Sussex and London.

Patterns are emailed at the beginning of each month, and upon joining.

If yarn is offered at special discount, this will be ordered once a week and the yarn for the month’s projects and the discounts will only be available for that month. Please let me know as soon after you receive the pattern as possible whether you want to order the yarn.

To receive the monthly club patterns, simply sign up to Nicki’s Crochet Club via the link below.

To Sign Up for Nicki’s Crochet Club

Subscription options

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IMG_0971 Summer bag Washcloths01
27 Cushion resized Snowmen 1
01 copy Easter Bunting01 DSC_0476
 Blossom brooch 02 Christmas Stockings02 Christmas Tree Garland
Final Bobble Hat  IMG_0794  Scarf main